Our Approach

In cooperation with you, we develop a sustainable purchasing strategy based on competitive and fair pricing. In this way, we support you in successful decision-making.

Analysis of your shopping cart

Working together with you, we analyze and evaluate your current product portfolio. In doing so, we focus on the essential cost-saving potentials in your company.

Strategy development

We develop a strategy for sustainable cost reduction and support you in developing a reliable business case.

Building a supply chain

Fast and precise implementation is the key to your success. We ensure the permanent availability of goods for you.

Our approach

The total volume of purchased medical goods and services within hospitals often accounts for more than 60-70 percent of the total costs. This makes it one of the most important factors for increasing profits in hospitals.

Purchasing with all factors in mind

Auch wenn die Kosten beim Einkauf klar im Fokus stehen, gilt es, andere Faktoren nicht aus dem Blick zu verlieren. Denn der für ein Produkt vereinbarte Preis ist das Ergebnis verschiedener komplexer Umstände.

In particular, these include quality, available quantities, guaranteed delivery dates, legal regulations and numerous other aspects. The identification of cost reduction opportunities, in the context of these complex circumstances, is the main objective of the purchasing optimization that we undertake with you. After all, major savings are possible for hospitals if material costs can be reduced by optimizing purchasing processes without sacrificing quality.

Our customized solution for you

We start with the analysis and evaluation of all factors that influence the purchasing process. This also includes the interaction of all departments involved in or affected by the purchasing process. From various purchasing and supply chain alternatives, HC finds the one where costs and performance are maximized for your requirements.