Our warehouse logistics

HC Consulting offers state-of-the-art and reliable logistics for the hassle-free shipment of your orders

Medical devices are an important pillar for maintaining medical care in Europe. They must be available in sufficient quantities at all times to avoid shortages, to stock the material required for operations and thus to ensure patient safety. At the same time, storage capacities in hospitals are often so limited that products cannot be stocked there for several months in advance. To ensure permanent availability of goods for our customers, our warehouse logistics play a key role.

Frau Laser

Our modern and certified warehouse

Our temperature-controlled warehouse is certified according to GDP pharmaceutical guidelines.

All inspections of incoming goods are GDP-certified.  

Warehouse processes are automated thanks to the warehouse management system and scanner-guided stock management.

An electronic interface with real-time connection ensures automated synchronization of the physical warehouse stock with the inventory management system.

A seamless inventory management system - the heart of all processes.

Our digital inventory management system enables a smooth order processing.

All information on orders and stock availability is displayed directly, and you can obtain detailed information on the status of your order at any time.

By means of our QM processes, the complete traceability of the products is ensured by lot documentation.

We guarantee permanent availability of goods.

Shipping and payment are totally straightforward with us

1-2 days after receiving your order, the goods will be in your warehouse. By means of track and trace, the status of deliveries is tracked seamlessly.

From a value of goods over 250 euros, we deliver free of charge to you.

Purchase on account: You pay for the goods when you receive them.

If you need to return the products, the return is free of charge.

Smooth warehouse processes are the basis for a fast delivery to you


Thanks to the Warehouse Management System and scanner guided warehousing, all warehouse processes are automated.

inspections of incoming goods

Die Eingangskontrollen erfolgen GDP-zertifiziert. Sowohl physisch als auch systemseitig wird möglicherweise beim Transport beschädigte Ware direkt in ein Sperrlager gebucht.

Electronic interface

An interface with real-time connection ensures automatic synchronization of the physical stock with the inventory management system.


Unser temperaturgeführtes Warenlager ist nach GDP-Pharmarichtlinien zertifiziert.

Fast supply chain

One to two days after receiving your order, the goods will be in your warehouse.

Track and Trace

The status of deliveries is tracked at all times. We can automatically provide you with real-time information on the current location of your goods shipment at any given time.